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For many busy parents, packing healthy lunches for their kids is a chore. They often find themselves reaching for less-healthy but convenient options, even knowing their children might be missing the nutrition they need to grow up strong. Nomsly simplifies parents’ lives by providing healthy, delicious prepared lunches for kids, delivered to their homes, that parents can feel good about giving to their children. With Nomsly, parents can get back time in their day, while knowing their kids are learning the healthy eating habits that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Each Saturday, a insulated box arrives at your home containing five pre-packed lunches for each of your children. The shipment contains all the meals you need for the week, so you can just grab one each morning and go!

We deliver to the areas shown in the map below. When you begin the ordering process, there is also a zip code verification to ensure we deliver to your town.

Nomsly customers span a wide range of ages, but it’s designed for kids who are able to eat solid foods, roughly from toddler up through middle school. The menu includes raw fruit like grape halves and veggies like baby carrots, so while the food is cut into smaller pieces parents should consider the ability of their kids to eat the meal items. Each meal is from 350 to 500 calories, which is in the appropriate range for toddlers and young children, and designed according to the principles of the USDA My Plate guidelines. Although our meals were designed with kids in mind, we also have happy pre-teen and teenage customers and even some adults who eat Nomsly meals as a snack or light lunch!

Our planned menu can be found on Our Meals page. Each week we change up the menu to keep things new and exciting, with a complete rotation occurring every three weeks! You can select the standard or vegetarian menu, or even swap out meals if you prefer!

Nomsly works closely with professional chefs and a registered nutritionist to develop a fresh, seasonal menu and to ensure that each meal is nutritionally balanced for growing young bodies. Do you have a favorite meal you’d like to see on our menu? Let us know!

First of all, we source from local farms and distributors so we’re buying the freshest produce available, often days or weeks ahead of when it would appear on your grocery store shelves. Second, we prepare and package our meals in a refrigerated facility and ship them directly to you in a refrigerated box so they stay cold at all times, which keeps everything fresh and crisp. Lastly, we use an organic veggie wash made from just Calcium and Vitamin C on some cut fruits and veggies. The Vitamin C works like the lemon juice in your fruit salad to prevent browning and keep things crisp, and the Calcium eliminates that sour taste.

You do not need to be home for the delivery. Deliveries ship in insulated boxes with ice packs designed for food shipment and tested to keep foods cold even in the warmest summer days. Please plan to be home in the late afternoon or evening on delivery days.

Unpack the lunches and put them in the fridge.  When it’s time for school, pop them in an insulated lunchbox like you would with any other food.  That’s it!

Nomsly packaging has been extensively tested with active data-loggers in a high-temperature thermal chamber exceeding ISTA test criteria to verify performance.

We always avoid peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish.  Some meals do include dairy, eggs, soy, and/or wheat.  Please note that Nomsly crafts its lunches in a commercial grade kitchen in Boston, so the possibility exists for cross contamination.

We use local and organic ingredients as often as possible. Our chicken breast and ground turkey is cage-, antibiotic-, and hormone-free, and is roasted in-house. We hand-roll each turkey and quinoa meatball, and hand slice every apple. We take the quality of our food very seriously, because we want the very best for our customers and our own families.

The meal packaging is made from recycled PET, the same material used in water bottles, is specifically designed for food packaging, and is BPA-free.

The lunch packaging is made from PET, the most commonly recycled plastic (code “1”) and is recyclable again via your normal recycling stream. The ice packs are made from LDPE with a non-toxic gel that’s >99% water with a small amount of the same gelling polymer used in disposable diapers, hair gel, and potting soil. You can empty the gel in the trash and put the empty pack in your recycling (code “4”). The boxes can be recycled via your normal cardboard recycling stream. The liners are made from recycled textiles and can be separated into the plastic exterior for recycling and the textile interior for industrial composting. You can, of course, also save the ice packs and boxes for some other use. Lastly, once you have four weeks of liners you can also ship them back to us for reuse or composting by dropping us a note and asking for a return shipping label!

If you need to skip a week or two for vacation or some other reason, you can pause your subscription easily from your account page and it will resume on your specified date.

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