We understand the challenge of providing healthy foods for your kids

Our Story

Nomsly was envisioned by Christopher Buck, father of two girls, and Andrew Macaulay after they were commiserating over the challenges of eating healthy.

Christopher Buck:

As a father of two, I know how busy a parent’s life can be

My wife and I were spending hours per week planning lunches for our daughters, washing containers, prepping food, and packing lunch. We searched for ways to get back some of our limited time, but struggled to find options that provided healthy and nutritious foods for our daughters.

Andrew Macaulay:

I lost over 100lbs by committing to healthy eating

The consequence of poor nutrition as a kid, I never developed healthy eating habits, and, by the time I was in college, I weighed nearly 300 pounds. After realizing that my health was only going to get worse if I didn’t make a change, I focused on eating a more balanced diet and achieved the healthy weight I am today.


Nomsly: A Time-Saving solution for Parents

After chatting about the struggles of preparing healthy and convenient foods for Chris’s girls, Jaiden and Olivia, and realizing what a common problem it is for families everywhere, we decided to tackle the problem head on. Together, we created Nomsly to provide healthy lunches for kids and give parents a little more time back in their day.

We provide only the best for your kids

You can rest assured that every Nomsly meal is something you can be happy giving to your kids. We’re customers too, and if we wouldn’t give it to Chris’s kids, we wouldn’t give it to yours.


We couldn’t do this without our amazing team

Maura McCartney

Maura previously worked in research and is a Nutrition & Health Coach. She is eager to contribute to Nomsly’s mission of connecting growing kids to real food through nutrition consulting as well as sharing her unique insights and experiences. Maura has a BS in Nutrition & EcoGastronomy. Her favorite food is roasted Brussel sprouts, a great food for fall!

Jamie Deering

Chef Jamie is a Boston chef with over 15 years in food service and business management. Jamie developed extensive experience as a Project Manager with tech start-ups before her love of food and interest in underserved communities brought her back to the food industry. Jamie also volunteers with the Boston Local Food and Sustainable Business Network. Jamie’s favorite foods include her family recipe for Polish sauerkraut, passed down for four generations!

Adam Frawley

Chef Adam is a Boston chef and food production consultant. After an early career as a fishmonger and a 20 year detour working in private finance, a love of the culinary scene and a passion for cooking led him back to the culinary world full time. He has worked as an executive chef and personal chef and run large-scale processing operations projects for Commonwealth Kitchen. An avid sailor and fisherman, Adam has a special love of fresh New England seafood.


The Nomslys

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